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William “Billy” Corgan announces new album Ogilala, produced by Rick Rubin

Photo: Alpha Pan
Photo: Alpha Pan

Erstwhile wrestling promoter and cat lover William Patrick “Billy” Corgan has announced a new album, one that hews closer to his work with Smashing Pumpkins than the eight-hour “ambient/musical interpretation of” Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha he performed at his suburban Chicago tea shop (which, yes, is still open) back in 2014. Titled Ogilala, the album is Corgan’s second solo record; it was produced by Rick Rubin, who’s worked with major artists from Slayer to Tom Petty but somehow never Corgan—until now.


Corgan’s also released the first single from the album, “Aeronaut,” a spare, piano-and-vocal-driven ballad laid on a bed of romantic strings that Corgan says is consistent with the rest of the album. “The lone difference on songs for Ogilala is that they seemed to want little in the way of adornment,” he says in a press release. “Having written the songs for voice and guitar, I put myself in Rick’s hands to take the music wherever he’d like. Normally I would have done more, and tinkered more on production, but rather Rick put the onus on me to deliver at a molecular level via live takes.”

Ogilala is due out on October 13, both digitally and on CD and 180-gram vinyl. You can see a track list for the album, and check out a batch of newly-released William Patrick Corgan solo tour dates below. Tickets for that tour go on sale this Friday, August 25, at 10:00 a.m. local time.

Ogilala Track listing

1. Zowie

2. Processional

3. The Spaniards

4. Aeronaut

5. The Long Goodbye

6. Half-Life Of An Autodidact

7. Amarinthe

8. Antietam

9. Mandaryne

10. Shiloh

11. Archer

William Patrick Corgan North American Tour Dates

10/14-10/15—Brooklyn, NY—Murmrr Theatre

10/18—Wilmington, DE—Grand Opera House

10/20—Toronto, ON—Queen Elizabeth Theatre

10/24-10/25— Chicago, IL—Athenaeum Theatre

10/27—Nashville, TN—CMA Theater

10/29—Boulder, Co—Boulder Theater

11/1-11/2—San Francisco, CA—Herbst Theatre

11/9-11/10/11/11—Los Angeles, CA—Masonic Lodge @ Hollywood Forever