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Some stage musicals based on movies have been notable successes, like The Producers, Hairspray, and Legally Blonde. Hopefully joining this illustrious fold is the upcoming stage musical version of The Devil Wears Prada, with music by Elton John, lyrics by Shaina Taub, book by Paul Rudnick, and directed by Tony winner Anna D. Shapiro. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the musical will premiere in Chicago before heading to Broadway, making its debut at the James M. Nederlander Theatre on July 14, 2020, before heading to Broadway after August 16.


No word on casting yet, or whether the score will include showstopping numbers with titles like opener “Gird Your Loins,” “Cerulean Blue,” “That’s All (Miranda’s Lament),” “The Job A Million Girls Wanted,” “Size Six,” “Why Nate Sucks,” “Everybody Wants To Be Us”(finale and reprise), and Emily’s solo, “I Am Hearing This, And I Want To Hear This.”

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