More than five years of the Willennium have passed since Will Smith’s Lost And Found, the rap album on which Smith declared that he’d at last recovered his "swagga" after several shaky years with only his movie celebrity, vast personal wealth, and belief in the tenets of Scientology to give him self-confidence. But according to an interview with XXL, Smith may finally be ready to make his hip-hop comeback with help from producer La Mar “Mars” Edwards—a claim that prompted The Playlist to extrapolate the entirely plausible theory that, most likely, Smith plans on doing a song for next year’s Men In Black 3, in the spirit of predecessors “Men In Black” and “Nod Ya Head (Black Suits Comin’),” serving up yet more unflinching street-level observations of characters and plot points from the Men In Black franchise. In the meantime, Smith recently took a baby step back into the game last week by making a surprise appearance alongside Nas, as seen in the video below. Unfortunately, he doesn’t actually rap anything, but then, the Men In Black III script probably isn’t finished yet.