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Will Smith is still planning on remaking Colossus: The Forbin Project, in case you were wondering

While the development of an I Am Legend sequel promises at least one future film that will return Will Smith to the “genius scientist” role that is his natural habitat, let us not forget about his remake of 1970's Colossus: The Forbin Project just because we haven’t heard from it in three years or because you want to. The Hollywood Reporter says the project is still on, with Smith drafting his old Men In Black writer Ed Solomon to give the script another shot from within the cold marble confines of Smith’s trailer, promised 10 minutes of sunshine through the slat for every page he completes. Ron Howard is still on board as producer (though possibly no longer as director), and Smith is still on board to play Dr. Charles Forbin, creator of a computer bent on world domination that only he can stop, because he’s Will Smith, the genius who created the genius computer. Strangely, Solomon’s credits—which also include the Bill And Ted movies, Charlie’s Angels, and Super Mario Bros.—suggests the film could take a comedic angle on the idea of Will Smith being a genius computer scientist, but that can’t be right.


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