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Will Smith embraces his cheesy dad side by dropping in on his kid's Coachella set

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

If we’re being honest here, the gradual Dad-ening of Will Smith has been something of a beautiful thing to behold, as the former sitcom star and hotshot action smartass has gradually evolved into the sort of corny-but-lovable dude who might release a dead-on imitation of his own son’s music videos one day, then drop in to hang out with him in the middle of his big Coachella set the next. (All while juggling his time between his own social media obligations and his big, blue brand of Hollywood super-stardom.)


Which is, indeed, exactly what Smith did last night, lending his support to his son Jaden for a few bars of his track “Icon” during his set at the massive music festival, and presumably delighting all the overjoyed Nick At Nite fans lurking somewhere in the audience. It’s not exactly a fresh Fresh Prince track—which is fine, really, given how self-indulgent some of Smith’s most recent musical experiments have been. The appeal, as is so often the case with this particular family, is really just in watching how much fun Smith and Jaden appear to be having with with each other, the sort of goofy family home movie that just happens to have been shot on a huge stage surrounded by hundreds of cheering fans. You know, as you do.

[via CNN]

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