Singer-songwriter Will Oldham has let it be known in interviews—including one on this very website—that he doesn't care for the traditional album release model, with its long build-up and advance hype. He'd rather just have his albums show up in stores, unannounced, the way he remembers albums doing when he was a kid. Well, according to Pitchfork (via Backseat Sandbar), Oldham may be on the verge of sneaking out another Bonnie "Prince" Billy record, with only a mysterious YouTube video to herald the release. If the sexy ass below is to be believed, there will an album called The Wonder Show Of The World by Bonnie "Prince" Billy & The Cairo Gang on March 23rd. So Oldham fans should wander into their local record shops on that day, and see what happens. (Or perhaps a week earlier. Hey, you never know.)