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Will.i.am is making a show for Apple about where apps come from

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Apple has enlisted Will.i.am to help answer a question that has baffled mobile phone users for years: Where do apps come from? Obviously, Apple apps come from Apple’s App Store, but Will.i.am is going to get to the heart of this mystery with a new unscripted TV show that will, in some way, “highlight the stories of how Apple apps are developed.” He’s currently just listed as an executive producer, though, so he probably won’t be hosting the show and interviewing app developers or something.

That’s pretty much all we know about the project at this point, but this news comes a little over a month after we reported that Apple was developing a scripted drama series with Dr. Dre that would be “semi-autobiographical.” That show, Vital Signs, is still being kept under wraps, but The Hollywood Reporter expects it to premiere as part of the Apple Music service. As for this Will.i.am app show, nobody seem to know how it might be distributed yet—though the App Store seems like a safe bet.


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