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As we heard last summer, NBC is planning to bring Will & Grace to an end this spring—and no, it’s not 2006 again. We’re talking about the Will & Grace revival, which has been one of the more successful revival of this whole revival kick that every network and streaming platform has embraced over the last few years, going for three seasons after NBC brought it back in 2017. Still, as the cast explained last year, it’s better to do too little than too much, and so they’re taking Will & Grace back to the NBC vault under Rockefeller Center after April 23, which is when the show’s (second) series finale will air.


This comes from Deadline, which says the finale will be preceded by a half-hour retrospective special featuring “fans and celebrities” talking about what the show meant to them and to the larger world of television. It will be hosted by Eric McCormack, and Deadline adds that “Elton John and Norman Lear also will appear,” implying that they are not fans or celebrities. The finale, called “It’s Time,” will involve Will refusing not to reminisce about his life in New York (good luck doing that in a series finale), Karen going to the Statue Of Liberty to get closure with her ex-husband, Grace about to give birth, and Jack getting close to achieving his dream of getting on a Broadway stage.

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