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Will Forte teases the MacGruber TV series in this very important clip

After years of taunting us with the possibility of a MacGruber sequel, it looks like the cult favorite might be heading to the small screen. Last week, co-writer Jorma Taccone told The Daily Beast that he’s been pitching a TV series to various streaming platforms with Will Forte and John Solomon. While we wait for an official announcement–which may or may not be forthcoming–Forte made an appearance on The Tonight Show last night, where he gave us a little sneak peek at the “high-minded, complex” MacGruber follow-up.


In the clip, Forte has Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon stand in for Kristen Wiig’s Vicki for a scene that takes place just after the team has foiled a dangerous villain. MacGruber thinks it’s time for some “R and R,” and Fallon’s Vicki agrees that they could all use some rest and relaxation... but that’s not the “R and R” that MacGruber has in mind. As Taccone revealed last week, Wiig and co-stars Ryan Phillippe and Val Kilmer are “so down” to return for the new sequel series, should it get picked up. And since FOX canceled The Last Man On Earth, it seems like Forte is free to invest more energy in getting this MacGruber show on the road.

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