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Will Forte on MacGruber TV series: “Throat rips will be all over this thing”

Screenshot: MacGruber (YouTube)

Will Forte’s been teasing a MacGruber follow-up since the original tanked at the box office in 2010. It’s since morphed, much like another Jorma Taccone-helmed comedy, into a beloved cult classic, greatly increasing our chances of seeing the former Green Beret, Navy SEAL and Army Ranger return to action. Taccone confirmed he was pitching the follow-up as a series back in February, and, per a new piece in Vulture, it appears the project is currently in the works.

Forte didn’t reveal much, but he did say that “it seems like the whole group will be back.” That includes, presumably, co-stars Kristen Wiig, Ryan Phillipe, and Val Kilmer, who, Taccone said back in February, will probably “have half a head” after dying a few dozen times.


Forte added, “They’re giving us creative liberties, so we can be as filthy as we want.” And, though Vulture characterizes it as “an entirely new thing,” he says “throat rips will be all over this thing.” Filthiness—and throat rips—wouldn’t play well on network TV, so it’s likely it will end up on one of the handful of streaming services currently consuming the market. Whichever one offered him the largest Tazo tea, probably.

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