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Will Forte joins the quest to save Key and Peele’s cat (in that movie)

The Last Man On Earth

Earlier this month, we reported that Method Man had joined Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s cat-rescue movie Keanu, theorizing that he would either help them find their cat or provide the voice of the cat. Unfortunately, we were wrong, and The Hollywood Reporter says that he’ll actually be playing “a murderous drug lord who believes the duo are a pair of legendary gangsters.” Luckily, Key and Peele will be getting some help in the form of Will Forte, who that same THR article says will be playing “a low-level pot dealer obsessed with black culture although Peele’s character is the only black person he knows.” There’s still no word on who will the voice the cat, but that’s probably because this is going to be one of those movies where the cat doesn’t talk.

Keanu is being directed by Peter Atencio, and it’s going to start filming this summer.


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