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Will Forte has a busy year ahead, with several new films both in the works and on the release docket. That now includes a new comedy from Peter Bogdonavich called Squirrels To The Nuts, in which Owen Wilson's Broadway director tries to help a prostitute turn her life around and gets over his head. Forte plays the playwright for Wilson's production; Jennifer Aniston plays Forte's girlfriend. Because after Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux, you can totally see those two getting together.

After a shaky start with The Brothers Solomon and MacGruber, Forte's film career seems to be in full swing, with upcoming appearances (again opposite Aniston) in the previously announced Elmore Leonard adaptation Life Of Crime, which just got added to the Toronto International Film Festival, as well as Alexander Payne's Nebraska, which had its first screening at Cannes. Forte will also most likely continue to appear on Conan as Ted Turner, for as long as Conan finds that funny.


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