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Will Ferrell to star in comedy about stealing the Crown Jewels

Before we begin, let’s all take a moment and remember that most of us are adults here. We don’t need to snicker about every little thing that has a funny name, all right? Let’s just be mature for a minute.

Now that we’re all on the same page, Deadline is reporting that TriStar has picked up The Yank, a film that is set to star Will Ferrell as an American insurance agent who accidentally gets involved in a plot to steal the British Crown Jewels. And no, none of that is a reference to anything lewd or inappropriate. He’s an American guy (sometimes referred to as a “Yank” by British people), and the Crown Jewels are actual jewels, and certainly not a euphemism for something else.


The Yank will be written by Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink and his writing partner Jeff Morris, with Ferrell’s own Gary Sanchez Productions doing the producing. No director or other actors are attached yet, but people like John C. Reilly and David Koechner are probably practicing their British accents right about now.

See? Nothing worth immaturely giggling about here. Sometimes, Dr. Freud, a movie called The Yank is just a movie called The Yank, and if that movie just happens to center on the Crown Jewels, well—oh, wait. It’s a dick joke. We get it now.

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