Does anyone remember Home Alone 2? It’s basically a retread of the first movie, but it takes place in New York and a chunk of the plot revolves around an enormous toy store. Well, Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink is hoping you don’t remember it, because his next movie, Overnight, is being described as “Home Alone in a toy store.”

Variety reports that Will Ferrell might star in the film, and since his Gary Sanchez Productions will be co-producing it with Disney, we think he has a pretty good shot. Of course, a movie that is similar to Home Alone doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that would star a grown man like Will Ferrell, so it’s possible that he’s playing a burglar who gets foiled by some plucky kid. Nobody would say that Home Alone stars Joe Pesci, though, so we really have no idea. Maybe Will Ferrell is the kindly toy store owner, and that’s why he has to fend off the bad guys. Or maybe Will Ferrell gets trapped in the store during a hostage crisis, and he has to use wacky tricks and traps to stop a group of European terrorists. We’d describe that movie as “Die Hard in a toy store,” though, so it might not be that.