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It’s always going to feel a little odd when a returning Saturday Night Live alumnus is ceremoniously entered into the Five-Timers Club. It’s especially odd for someone like Will Ferrell, who is a Studio 8H legend that was so embedded in the fabric of the late-night sketch show from 1995 to 2002. In any case, Deadline reports that Ferrell is set to host for the fifth time on November 23, which will earn him the highly coveted smokers jacket, stiff drink, and obligatory lofty back-and-forth with fellow hosting mainstays. Ferrell last hosted the show January 27, 2018. Joining the actor-comedian will be first-time musical guest King Princess, who released her debut studio album Cheap Queen on October 25.


Ferrell obviously has a wealth of retired characters to resurrect for the special occasion, but honestly, it’ll be great to see him interact with with the new class of players and hopefully inspire some fresh material. (Although, a superior Alex Trebek reappearance would be pretty wonderful right about now.) May the night bring many Ferrell-Bowen Yang interactions and absolutely no George W. Bush. While we’re waiting to see how this turns out, check out the great sketch below.  

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