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According to Variety, Netflix has just picked up a new “dark comedy” from The Great Indoors and 2 Broke Girls writer Liz Feldman (who was also the creator of NBC’s short-lived One Big Happy), with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay on board as producers. The show is called Dead To Me, and the Variety story says it’s about a “tightly wound widow” who forms a “powerful friendship” with a “free spirit with a shocking secret.”

That doesn’t tell us very much, but we’d guess that the shocking secret has something to do with why the tightly wound widow is a widow. Or maybe the free spirit is literally a spirit, and it’s actually the ghost of her dead spouse? Then it’s like, “you may be here as a ghost, but you’re Dead To Me,” which is the name of the show. That would be fun.


Netflix has ordered 10 episodes of the show, but Variety doesn’t say when it might premiere.

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