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Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, and Adam McKay reuniting for Border Guards

Will Ferrell is in talks to re-team with his Step Brothers and Talledega Nights costar John C. Reilly—as well as his every-Will-Ferrell-movie co-writer and director Adam McKay—for Border Guards, which sees the two actors… wait for it… guarding the border. No deals have officially been made, but it seems likely the trio will have no trouble reuniting for another comedy. Thus far, the only person officially on board is Peep Show creator Jesse Armstrong, who will be writing the script. (McKay is expected to direct only.) 

There also aren’t too many details about the plot, except that Ferrell and Reilly will play friends who attempt to protect the border from illegal immigrants, only to find themselves stranded in Mexico. Then, hilarity ensues. Also, presumably someone plays a sport of some kind.


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