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Some important news today for anyone who bases their social media policies solely on the advice of top-tier former Saturday Night Live stars: Will Ferrell is quitting Facebook.

The Daddy’s Home star is just the latest user to announce that he’s cutting ties with the social media service in the wake of a massive data collection scandal surrounding Trump-affiliated consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. But, of course, none of those people were in the “More Cowbell” sketch, suggesting that the movement is finally picking up some real, Jimmy Fallon-corpsing steam. Ferrell didn’t mince words with his statement, either, blasting the company for its perceived failure to adequately protect users’ data and announcing—on Facebook itself, which, burn—that he’d be quitting the service some time over the next few days.


“In this day and age,” Ferrell wrote, “With misinformation running rampant, it’s important that we protect the truth, as well as those who work to bring it to light. I can no longer, in good conscience, use the services of a company that allowed the spread of propaganda and directly aimed it at those most vulnerable.” Obviously, one celebrity—even one with as much comic clout as Ferrell, who also co-founded online comedy concern Funny Or Die—isn’t going to tank one of the world’s biggest social media companies. But his statement is symptomatic of what appears to be a growing discontent with the service, one that doesn’t seem to have been much abated by CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s full-court-press apology tour over the last few weeks.

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