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Will Ferrell is producing a dance-music romantic comedy

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay aren’t necessarily the first people you’d associate with a romantic comedy about searching for an attractive DJ—but that’s the thing about being a big-shot funny-person. You can do whatever you want.

As reported by Deadline, Ferrell and McKay’s Gary Sanchez Productions is developing I’m In Love With The DJ, a romantic comedy from up-and-coming writer Lauryn Kahn. This is actually Kahn’s second screenplay to get picked up—the first, He’s Fucking Perfect, had its name changed to The Social Life after being bought by Universal—though she’s written a number of shorts for Gary Sanchez’s Funny Or Die and worked as McKay’s assistant for several years.


The film, which Deadline says is looking at an R rating, will focus on a group of girls on a trip to Spain partaking in a “a crazy hunt for a hot DJ.” Unlike a lot of Gary Sanchez films (Anchorman, The Campaign), Will Ferrell will presumably not star in I’m In Love With The DJ—even though he’d make a pretty good hot DJ. Also, it may seem like Hollywood is embracing the hip new world of electronic dance music a little excessively these days, what with Warner Bros., HBO, and Fox all having DJ-related projects in the works. But Im In Love With The DJ also has love.

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