Will Ferrell stepped into the closet with former Saturday Night Live writer Mike O’Brien for a new episode of O’Brien’s interview webseries 7 Minutes In Heaven. They cover all the important topics, like the fact that Ferrell is from Irvine, California (and that saying about Irvine that everyone definitely, totally knows: “If you grow up in Irvine, you basically grow up in a Del Taco restaurant. You ride your bike around in flannel shirts. You drink cans of beer. You lose your virginity in a mall. And you respect the band Soundgarden.”) They also run through Ferrell’s career-defining work in the seminal crime comedy film, Drowning Mona. Ferrell rises to O’Brien’s improv challenges—like being guys who just got back from a panty raid and don’t know where to put the panties—with ease.

The kiss doesn’t have nearly the amount of passion behind it as Patricia Clarkson’s 7 Minutes In Heaven make-out, but O’Brien will probably never get that kind of action in the closet again.


Ferrell currently stars in Daddy’s Home opposite Mark Wahlberg. He’s also in the upcoming 2oolander.