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Will Ferrell dusts off his Dubya impression to trash Trump

Screenshot: @Midnight/Comedy Central

Although it took the Chicago Cubs playing in the World Series for Will Ferrell to revive his Harry Caray impression, the return of his take on George W. Bush has sort of been in the making since Donald Trump decided to run for president. Trump’s really the only person the GOP could have nominated that could make the second Bush president’s warmongering seem almost quaint. So last night, Ferrell donned the squint and gray wig on @Midnight to dub Trump a “rotten sack of sweet potatoes” as Dubya.


@midnight with Chris Hardwick


Ferrell’s Bush seems to be enjoying retirement—in addition to painting, he’s stocked his underground bunker with Hungry Man meals to wait out the racist apocalypse he predicts will come to pass if Trump wins. And yet, Ferrell-as-Bush wouldn’t actually endorse Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton. Maybe he’s still feeling sore about his dad losing to Bill Clinton in 1992, or maybe he’s just assumed the position of so many voters who just don’t want Trump in office. In any case, the former-president-impressionist thinks he’s sitting pretty in the annals of history: “This dunderhead is making me look great. I destabilized [Iraq] but no one seems to care anymore thanks to the Bozo Trump…Folks have forgotten how I tanked the economy or how I didn’t get Bin Laden. Heck, even Kanye West said I hated hurricanes, but all forgotten now.”

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