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Will Ferrell did a Super Bowl ad for Nebraska's eyes only

Unless you happen to live in Nebraska—and are therefore accessing this site through some sort of corn-based Internet—your night of celebrities shilling for things because it's the Super Bowl was short one Will Ferrell, whose recent spate of just-because ads for Old Milwaukee have been limited solely to airings in Davenport, Iowa and Terre Haute, Indiana (and, of course, YouTube). If you take Deadspin’s word for it, last night was Ferrell’s most localized spot yet, possibly showing only in the cosmopolis that is North Platte, Nebraska. But even if you reside in the pockmarked hellscape known as “Outside North Platte, Nebraska,” you can see the ad below in all of its deliberately mistimed glory, thanks to somebody’s camera phone and the spirit of giving that is the hallmark of the Nebraskan.

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