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Will Ferrell can do a mean Harrison Ford impression

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Celebrities, underneath it all, are just like anyone else. Sure, they have exorbitant salaries, all-pervasive publicity, and the adulation of millions of strangers the world over. But at heart, like any anonymous schmo, they’re all just waiting for the opportunity to break out their funniest impersonations and accents for the delight and amazement of those around them. The main difference is that when celebrities want to do that, their forum is more likely to be a nationally broadcast talk show than, say, the break room at Fashion Bug or a cousin’s second wedding. Since 2007, England’s The Graham Norton Show has provided a comfortable, sherbet-colored safe space in which famous actors and comedians feel free to do all the wackiest voices they’ve been saving up over the years. Some of these are seen in a new, nine-minute supercut called “Celebrities Impersonating Other Celebrities.”

That title, to be honest, is a bit of a misnomer. Yes, Will Ferrell does one heck of a Harrison Ford impression by raising his left eyebrow and growling out the right side of his mouth. The montage also features a round robin of Arnold Schwarzenegger imitations, with the erstwhile Kindergarten Cop on hand to witness the good-spirited mimicry. (“There is no bathroom!”) And Benedict Cumberbatch channels Chewbacca for a few marvelous seconds. But the video’s scope is much wider than that. Seth MacFarlane, for instance, serenades Cyndi Lauper with her own hits in the style of two of his Family Guy characters. The only celebrity he’s really impersonating is himself. Chris Pratt, Jamie Foxx, and Justin Beiber all attempt various English accents, with varying degrees of cuteness. Jim Carrey barks, while Tamsin Greig squeals like a pig, both with great conviction. Affable Ryan Reynolds, meanwhile, is quizzed about his suppressed Canadian accent. So immersed in American culture is he, the Deadpool star can barely summon forth his inner Canuck long enough to give the audience a decent “aboot.”

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