As the recent disappointing debut for Everything Must Go illustrated, mainstream audiences aren’t quite ready to embrace Will Ferrell outside of his loveably loud idiot idiom, which is why this news sounds like a double-down on hedging his bets, and other mixed gambling metaphors: Warner Bros. has just secured Turkey Bowl, which will reunite Ferrell with his Other Guys costar Mark Wahlberg, and return Ferrell to the sports comedy arena with a story about two football-obsessed rivals staging an annual pick-up game. The film will be co-written by 30 Rock’s Robert Carlock, and reportedly it’ll have much of the same “call everyone we know” cameo madness as Anchorman—and there’s simply no way a movie that involves “trash-talking” and “bragging rights” won’t have a plum role for Danny McBride, though that’s obviously just speculation at this point. Sounds promising so far, although (speaking of trash-talking) it’s pretty ballsy for a movie to put the word “Turkey” right there in the title like that.