Although Will Ferrell’s plans to reunite with Mark Wahlberg to fight over football never came to fruition, Paramount is now looking to reteam The Other Guys co-stars to fight over stepchildren, the footballs of people. Deadline reports that Wahlberg is in talks to join Daddy’s Home, a movie that would have originally seen Ferrell and Vince Vaughn playing, respectively, a “mild-mannered radio executive” vying for the love of his stepkids, and those kids’ asshole real father. Now it seems Vaughn’s version of asshole (fast-talking, bluntly sexual) will be replaced by Mark Wahlberg’s version of asshole (Mark Wahlberg), in a film directed by Horrible Bosses 2’s Sean Anders and John Morris. It’ll be just like the movie Stepmom, only with Will Ferrell instead of Julia Roberts and, presumably, less cancer. Hopefully less cancer. Cancer isn’t funny, you guys.