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Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are reunited and it feels so silly on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly
Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Do we need another screen Sherlock Holmes? Probably not, right. Well, what about if the venerable British detective and his trusty sidekick Dr. Watson are played by real-life pals and inveterate goofballs Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly? Maybe. Well, as Ferrell and Reilly explained on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, not everyone in the Homes-verse is as enthusiastic about the prospect of the pair essaying the roles as they themselves are in the upcoming Holmes And Watson. Recounting their visit to a Chelsea football match during filming, Ferrell shared an anecdote about meeting eagle-visaged Mark Strong, who played the villainous Lord Henry Blackwood in the Robert Downey Jr.-Jude Law Sherlock Holmes, and who responded to the news that the Talladega Nights boys were taking on the legendary duo with signature, stony faced disbelief.

Honestly, considering Ferrell’s long and rewarding history of showing up for talk show appearances in character, with a bird on his shoulder, or being just plain conceptually hilarious, Wednesday’s interview seemed a little . . . ordinary. Sure, he and Reilly shared their in-joke about Reilly’s bathroom code (“I have to go to Dusseldorf”), but the two just seemed . . . nice. At least until Kimmel, noting how sincere the four-time onscreen co-stars (or three-and-a-half, depending on your thoughts on Anchorman 2) were in their mutual admiration. Ferrell, choking up, could do only one thing as Kimmel’s band swelled in the background—and that’s sing. With Reilly (no stranger to tuneful hilarity) joining in blissful musical camaraderie, the pair dueted with gusto on the Peaches & Herb mooney-eyed classic, “Reunited.” You know, it did feel so good.

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