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Will Ferrell and Adam McKay attached to sort-of-religious comedy Swear To God

Will Ferrell’s knack for scenes where he screams at the heavens could be put to good use in the forthcoming Swear To God, a script from Due Date writers Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland that would feature Ferrell as a hedge fund manager who believes he’s seen God. Ferrell’s character is described as “narcissistic,” a key factor in Ferrell’s best comedies—as is Adam McKay who’s attached to produce and potentially direct. If he does, it would be the first time McKay has directed Ferrell since The Other Guys—although given that he typically likes to work from his own screenplays, that’s obviously not a guarantee. What is for sure is that Swear To God is also being pitched as a “buddy comedy;” we’re not clear on whether that means God is Ferrell’s buddy, but that would be a good buddy to have, if you’re in the market for buddies.


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