Ron Burgundy is not invited

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have teamed up with The Weinstein Company for the female-driven comedy Plus One, Entertainment Weekly reports. The unlikely trio has come together on the strength of a script by April Prosser, a newcomer whose first screenplay is currently being produced by Amazon Studios. The story revolves around Rachel, a recently-divorced woman whose friends are all happily coupled up, leaving her with no one but Summer, a “loud, sexually-oversharing wild card,” to serve as her wing woman. (Cue the montage set to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.”) TWC head Harvey Weinstein describes Prosser as a “talented up-and-comer,” adding that “female-driven comedies continue to be a tremendously exciting force in film these days,” now that science has finally determined that the sense of humor does not actually originate in the penis, no matter how hilarious it is to whip it out and wave it around.