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Will Arnett wants to be a Brooklyn-accented, car-shilling Star Wars droid

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Will Arnett is a talented voice actor, lending a throat full of sarcastic, deadpan gravel to parts as disparate as crime-fighting billionaire playboys and clinically depressed celebrity horses. But the Arrested Development and Flaked star is apparently looking to add another line to his vocal resume: car-shilling Star Wars droid.

Arnett revealed his space-based ambitions on a recent episode of Conan, where he was promoting his role in the just-released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows and making fun of fellow Will Club member Will Ferrell. Possibly inspired by all the kind words and kudos Bill Hader and Ben Schwartz have earned for their vocal contributions to chirping soccer ball BB-8 in Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens, Arnett pitched himself as a new, more down-to-earth droid, complete with a thick Brooklyn accent. (Apparently, he’s not aware that the broad, stereotypical characters in the Star Wars universe are CGI aliens, not droids.)


He followed his first try with a deeper-voiced attempt, using a voice which—as Conan O’Brien was quick to point out—sounds a lot like the one he uses when voicing car commercials, with a little bit of Lego Batman thrown in for fun.

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