At this point, Steve Carell’s swan song on The Office is turning into one long Funny Or Die video, or maybe the comedy equivalent of the Lost finale: Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Will Arnett and Ricky Gervais are now confirmed to appear in the one-hour finale (which takes after Carell's exit on April 28) alongside several other “major guest stars,” presumably including other names we’ve heard bandied about already like Will Ferrell. As you may recall, Gervais publicly stumped for Arnett as a regular presence on The Office back in February, although producers were quick to point out that Arnett’s guest spot doesn’t necessarily mean he’s joining the show full time. Gervais, of course, memorably turned up for a quick wink of a cameo in January, a pointedly random encounter that didn’t bother to acknowledge the parallel lives being led by his David Brent and Carell’s Michael Scott. While there’s obviously no word yet on whether this appearance will finally conflate the two worlds of Dunder Miflin and Wernham Hogg, you are now free to speculate whether this news creates the possibility that Arnett or Gervais will be stepping in as the new boss, whether Arnett may possibly be playing the Riddler, and if Gervais’ web-shooters will be mechanical or organic.