Beer bong manufacturers and custom grill artists all over Florida are celebrating today, as Paris-based distribution company Wild Bunch has revealed plans for a Spring Breakers sequel. The group announced the sequel at a press conference unveiling its Cannes slate, which also includes new films from Paul Verhoeven and Gaspar Noé, as well as a long-rumored remake of Maniac Cop. However, none of those will have a scantily clad Vanessa Hudgens in them, so who cares?

Entitled Spring Break: The Second Coming, the film will reportedly see more intrepid bikini-clad party girls doing battle with a fundamentalist Christian sect who attempts to convert them from their decadent lifestyle. According to Screen Daily, Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh has already written the screenplay, with Swedish director/former black metal drummer Jonas Akerlund attached to direct. No casting announcements have been made yet, although Wild Bunch says it’s not a direct sequel, with a new cast and only “allusions” to the original characters—though the plot synopsis certainly suggests the possibility of a return for Selena Gomez’s devoutly Christian character, Faith. Presumably (spoiler alert) James Franco also won’t be returning as Alien, unless you subscribe to the theory that the first film was all just a beautiful, neon-and-pastel dream.