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Wilco announces new Schmilco tour dates

(Photo: Getty Images, Raphael Dias)
(Photo: Getty Images, Raphael Dias)

When most bands go on tour, they’ll play in a new city pretty much every night, traveling around the country/world for a few months or so. Wilco, however, is not like most bands—as indicated by its “zero fucks given” approach to album titles lately. Apparently, when Jeff Tweedy and the Wilco boys go on tour, they just plant themselves in the same city for a few days and then move onto to the next one when they’ve sufficiently rocked everyone’s socks off.


As reported by Pitchfork, Wilco has announced a new batch of tour dates in support of the Schmilco album, and though the tour includes 18 shows, the band is actually only stopping in six cities. Two of them are Chicago and New York, though, so we can’t imagine too many people complaining. And if they do, they probably live somewhere other than Chicago or New York, so nobody will really pay attention anyway.

The full list of tour dates is below.

Wilco Schmilco Tour 2017

02/22—Chicago Theatre—Chicago, IL

02/23—Chicago Theatre—Chicago, IL

02/25—Chicago Theatre—Chicago, IL

02/26—Chicago Theatre—Chicago, IL

03/14—State Theater—Kalamazoo

03/15—Massey Hall—Toronto, Ontario

03/16—Massey Hall—Toronto, Ontario

03/18—Beacon Theatre—New York NY

03/19—Beacon Theatre—New York NY

03/21—Beacon Theatre—New York NY

03/22—Beacon Theatre—New York NY

03/23—Big Ears Festival—Knoxville, TN

03/24—Big Ears Festival—Knoxville, TN

03/25—Big Ears Festival—Knoxville, TN

03/26—Big Ears Festival—Knoxville, TN

06/23—Solid Sound Festival—North Adams, MA

06/24—Solid Sound Festival—North Adams, MA

06/25—Solid Sound Festival—North Adams, MA

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