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WikiLeaks WikiLeaked the script for the WikiLeaks movie, so take that, Hollywood corporations

WikiLeaks has posted “a mature version” of the script of The Fifth Estate, the movie about WikiLeaks, claiming that the film is a “work of fiction masquerading as fact.” It’s not really clear how posting the script of a false movie would help the site, but it is kind of a “screw you” at the filmmakers, so it kind of works.

The whistle-blower site’s objections to the Benedict Cumberbatch vehicle haven’t been a secret, but WikiLeaks elucidated its talking points more thoroughly in a post accompanying the script. In addition to calling the film “irresponsible, counterproductive, and harmful,” the site also says that the misinformation in the film could aid “ongoing efforts to bring a criminal prosecution against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange for exposing the activities of the Pentagon and US State Department.”


The version of the script posted on the site is said to have come from one of the site’s various sources, and was nabbed at some point toward the end of filming. The only significant difference between the online script and the movie is that the location of one of the scenes shifts from Iran to Libya.

Assange has previously criticized the movie, saying that it would portray him like a “sociopathic megalomaniac.” Cumberbatch recently told The Guardian that Assange sent him a “10-page e-mail” urging him not to accept the role, though he ultimately chose to go forward with it, saying that he feels the film “shows [Assange’s] ideas and integrity and self-sacrifice.” The film’s director, Bill Condon, says that he feels the movie portrays Assange accurately as “a complex guy who is flawed, God help him, as all of us are.”

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