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The unavoidable movie about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is one step closer to reality, as Andrew Fowler’s upcoming biography The Most Dangerous Man In The World (due later this year) is already being optioned for a film version, even though his story doesn’t really have an ending yet. While it’s way too early to be discussing potential directors or stars, this is the Internet, so you should go ahead and do that. Of course, the two most currently bandied-about candidates, David Fincher and Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader, can likely be eliminated upfront—Fincher for not wanting to touch another Internet antihero so soon after The Social Network, Hader for obvious reasons. Many have also noted Assange’s physical resemblance to Neil Patrick Harris, which could be an inspired choice, particularly if the film delves into Assange’s smarmy, self-styled image as a geeky sexual dynamo who's constantly being stalked by teenaged Asian girls. Anyway, it’s probably safe to say Julian Sands is bummed this didn’t all happen 20 years ago. You know, like maybe if Wikileaks had been a BBS or something, then it spread all over CompuServe.


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