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Wicked miniseries joins ever-growing list of Wizard Of Oz projects

Illustration for article titled iWicked/i miniseries joins ever-growing list of iWizard Of Oz/i projects

The coming years will see a ratio of approximately one Wizard Of Oz-related remake to every four non-Oz movies, but among the crowd of contenders angling to retell L. Frank Baum’s original stories by adding Robert Downey Jr. or sexy kung-fu girls, Wicked got there first. But while there’s still no sign of the big-screen version of the Gregory Maguire novel-turned-hit-Broadway-play—which has been attached to everyone from Rob Marshall to Ryan Murphy ever since it was first announced—Variety reports that Wicked may show up sooner than later as an increasingly rare eight-hour ABC miniseries from Salma Hayek’s production company Ventanarosa Prods. The project would be based on the book rather than the musical (the rights to which are still tied up at Universal), with a script being written by Band Of Brothers’ Erik Jendresen, whose experience in grappling with themes of good intentions gone astray should lend itself well to the project, and hopefully means he’ll work in a few gripping scenes of Munchkins bleeding to death.


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