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Every now and then, we in the film news world stumble across a movie premise so obviously, beautifully deranged that only one explanation can easily come to mind: “This is a Nicolas Cage role, right?”

Such is the reaction mustered in response to news of Dimitri Logothetis’ new film Jiu Jitsu, about an evil race of alien invaders that can only be staved off if someone—hopefully the aforementioned Nic Cagebeats their champion in a one-on-one battle every few years using the titular Brazilian martial art.


This is per THR and /Film, which, between the two of them, paint a truly beguiling image of the Mandy star as humanity’s grapple-heavy last hope. (Okay, actually, it sort of sounds like Kickboxer: Vengeance star Alain Moussi will be doing most of the actual fighting, but it’s not like you hire Nic God Damn Cage for your movie and don’t have him go toe-to-claw with an alien, right?) Logothetis is basing the movie off of a comic book he also wrote—shocking, we know—which apparently also involves a lot of implanted memories, conspiracy theories, and heroic assistant college wrestling coaches, that most classic of science fiction storytelling tropes.

We know Nicolas Cage has pumped out a lot of low-budget dross over the years, but it’s nice to see him continue this trend of throwing himself at the truly weird shit; he’s also still got an H.P. Lovecraft adaptation in the works, which we’re stoked for, but the thought of him yelling “Use your jiu jitsu!” while helping a college wrestling coach kick an alien’s ass is just too tempting for us not to fixate on it.

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