Photo: Gale Adler (left) and Ian Gavan (right (Getty Images)

Anyone who’s watched Frasier—which, let’s be honest, is all of you—knows that, in addition to starring, Kelsey Grammar also lent his formidable voice to the show’s toe-tapping theme song, “Tossed Salads And Scrambled Eggs.” It’s a perfect fit, too, with Grammar’s jocular delivery forecasting the show’s perfect brand of lighthearted sophistication.

Set that in contrast with the, let’s say dour, sophistication of The National, a band that’s built a massive fan base with songs that sound like downpours. Still, sonic gulfs be damned, the two make surprisingly pleasant bedfellows. Bobby Lord, a Gimlet podcast engineer, proved as much on Tuesday when he dropped a cover of “Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs” that hits all the beats of the band, from Matt Berninger’s syrupy baritone to the quietly urgent guitars that slowly ballon into a thundering swell of catharsis. The blues, however, are still a-callin’.


Hear it below.


[via NME]