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Why wouldn’t you want to hunt for Easter eggs in Dracula’s Castle?

"No, I swear, it's just melted M&Ms!" (Photo: Dracula (1958))

Here’s one for anyone who wants to go all-out on their Easter egg hunting routine, but considers the annual White House hunt too political or pedestrian (or insufficiently vampire-adjacent): Bran Castle, the Transylvanian tourist destination that bills itself as “Dracula’s Castle,” is offering an egg hunt this Easter, on April 16. That’s per Food And Wine, which notes that the Bran Castle Egg Hunt is part of a wider celebration of Romanian culture and Orthodox Easter, including traditional dances and an Easter Bunny, in honor of the time the famous rabbit and Dracula first met:

Stake-bearing sticklers will tell you that Bran Castle’s claims on Dracula-hood are a little on the spurious side; the character’s real-life inspiration, Vlad The Impaler, never lived there, while Bram Stoker almost certainly had a different castle in mind when he described the ruined structure in his book. (Also, most people know that Dracula’s actual castle, Castlevania, has way more of those damn Medusa heads floating up and down its stairs.) On the other hand, we really don’t want to take “found a chocolate egg in Dracula’s dungeon” away from any little kids who might grown up to be either grade-A monster hunters or top-level confectioners, so let’s all try to be cool and just agree that it’s the real deal, okay?


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