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Why not spend $2 million on this Flintstones-based landmark?

Bedrock City, as seen on the YouTube travel series HeyUSA

We’ve got an exciting offer here for anyone who’s ever wanted to return to a simpler time, when men were men, women were women, and trash compactors were sentient and prone to grousing: You can buy your own version of Bedrock from The Flintstones, and it’ll run you a measly $2 million.

The attraction in question, Bedrock City, is located in Williams, Arizona, just 30 miles away from the Grand Canyonmaking it the perfect vacation destination for anyone whose response to the timeless grandeur of nature is “Why doesn’t it look like a cartoon?” According to a brochure for the sale, the 30-acre campground includes a train ride through a volcano, a restaurant called Fred’s Diner, and a slide down the back of a brontosaurus, just like Fred Flintstone used to do (although he didn’t get to look at an RV park with “excellent parking” while he did it.)


Yabba-dabba-do not take the time to consult your spouse about this purchase; they’ll be so happy to have their own set of those giant, car toppling ribs (not to mention access to a nearby air museum, and service from a swanky “private trash company”) that they won’t have time to yell at you for spending 2 million clams on your own private Bedrock. (Or whatever you decide to call it, since the park’s licensing deal with Hanna-Barbera doesn’t transfer with the sale, and will have to be separately negotiated.) The brochure also lists multiple opportunities for redevelopment for the site, including a casino, a “cultural center,” or (and this is just our idea), a museum commemorating the time former Hugh Hefner-girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson taped an episode of her E! reality show there, as proudly touted on Bedrock City’s web site.

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