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Why not (make a life-like costume of) Dr. Zoidberg?

Tested, the site run by Mythbusters’ Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, takes on projects as ambitious as anything on the Discovery Channel show that gave the duo its platform. Recently Tested has taken on increasingly time-consuming projects, like building an Admiral Ackbar costume for Savage to walk around in during Comic-Con or a hyper-detailed attempt to build an accurate replica of Halo’s Needler deemed the Volpin Project. With the success of these endeavors Tested is now undergoing its second project-build, allowing makeup artist Frank Ippolito—the person behind Savage’s Ackbar costume—to bring Dr. Zoidberg, Futurama’s loveable crustacean-physician, into the present.

Given the difficulties of transforming a two-dimensional model into a three-dimensional costume with working tentacles, Ippolito will be making slight alterations Zoidberg’s appearance in attempt to make the finished product as life-like as a Lobster-doctor can be. As with the Volpin Project, Tested will be documenting each step of the process, allowing fans occasional updates and a step-by-step walkthrough come the project’s end. As of now, there’s no word on whether or not the person wearing it can accurately recreate Zoidberg’s scuttle or petrified “Whoop whoop,” but given the show’s recent cancellation, it’s as good a tribute as we’re likely to get until someone builds a functioning model of Planet Express ship.

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