Adam Warrock, creator of other pop culture-soaked remix EPs inspired by Parks And Recreation and Futurama, says he was made aware of the viral sensation "Whur Muh Boats At?" just last week. It's a hell of an earworm, even at only a minute long, sung about Khaleesi from Game Of Thrones sitting around on a hot desert continent waiting to take over the kingdom of Westeros—even the part where the impossibly high ice wall keeps out freakish monsters. (Especially that part.) Inspiration comes in many forms, and Warrock immediately collaborated with the original's creator, Applefrog, on a remix that extends the song and drops some plot catch-up in time for the season premiere this Sunday. It will haunt your waking life, much like Khaleesi's dead-eyed stare. Below, the remix followed by the original.