Speaking of actors seeking to confound our previously held beliefs, Whoopi Goldberg has come forward to defend Mel Gibson against those who have condemned him as a racist, simply because he was recently caught telling his ex-girlfriend that, if her wardrobe were being evaluated on What Not To Wear, Stacy London would have her throw it on the “get raped by a pack of n**gers” pile. Such statements aside, Whoopi knows Mel Gibson, Mel Gibson has played with Whoopi’s children, and therefore she knows Gibson is “not a racist.” He’s just an alcoholic, and alcoholics say stupid things sometimes; let ye among you who hasn’t downed a few cocktails and blamed all the world’s wars on “the Jews” cast the first stone and all that. Goldberg made her assertions on The View to the obvious disapproval of her co-hosts, particularly Joy Behar—in much the same manner that she previously stood up for Roman Polanski by reminding us that what the director did wasn’t, you know, rape rape. But, uh, we can all come together and make a rainbow connection that agrees that Mel Gibson is a complete fucking lunatic, right?