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Whoopi Goldberg is selling delightfully strange holiday sweaters

(Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

Whoopi Goldberg has come forth with a celebrity endeavor far better than “Working Out With Whoopi.” The View host and EGOT winner is debuting a line of kitschy holiday sweaters that will be available for purchase at Lord & Taylor. One features a black Santa and a white Santa going in for a kiss, another has an octopus in a yarmulke standing in for a menorah for the Hanukkah celebrators out there. A third is pretty high concept and vaguely high tech. Let’s let Goldberg explain. “There is a Christmas tree with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and on the other side, it’s a Christmas tree of how the Christmas tree sees itself, which is a big, lush beautiful thing that’s lit, and the lights light up,” she told Vogue in an interview. That’s downright inspiring, and there are even more garments in the collection. According to Goldberg, you shouldn’t really call them “ugly,” despite the traditional parlance. She insisted: “Mine are kind of ‘funny Christmas sweaters’ or ‘Christmas sweaters with a twist.’”


These goofy creations aren’t exactly cheap, despite only being relevant for one month every year. (Goldberg says you wear them starting December 1—not before.) Per Vogue, they are retailing at $139 when they go on sale later this month. Apparently, Goldberg is already planning next year’s batch. “There will be a Kwanzaa sweater next year, a Ramadan sweater,” she said. “I just want to cover everything.” These are also not the only Goldberg items you can buy: Her name is also on cannabis products designed to alleviate menstrual pain.

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