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Whoa, the MIDI for “Laura Palmer’s Theme” makes actual Twin Peaks

(Photo: Showtime)

Along with the show’s gently ambling theme song, few pieces of music are connected more firmly to the public perception of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks than Angelo Badalamenti’s dreamy “Laura Palmer’s Theme.” Now, Vulture has posted about a strange coincidence that ties the show and the music even more firmly together, in a—dare we say it—almost Lynchian way.

Several years ago, apparently, Lynch’s music supervisor, Dean Hurley, noticed something strange while looking at the MIDI notation of Badalamenti’s song: It pretty clearly resembled the show’s titular geographical features, as seen on the “Welcome to Twin Peaks sign” seen in the show’s credits.


(Listening to the song, you can totally hear it, too, with the two crescendos surrounded by low, ambient hums.) When Hurley noticed the odd confluence, he pointed it out to Lynch, who responded to it in exactly the way you’d think he would: “I showed David the photo and I was like, ‘What does this look like to you?’ and he said, ‘Yeah, twin peaks. What about it?’” Hurley says. “And I told him what it was, and he just started shouting, ‘It’s cosmic! It’s cosmic! It’s cosmic!’ and then he was like, ‘That would make a great T-shirt.’”

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