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Who will play Lori Loughlin in Annapurna's TV version of the college admissions scandal?

Photo: Paul Marotta (Getty Images)

The college admissions scandal, in which a bunch of rich people—some of them famous!—simply tried to help their stupid, unathletic children with no discernible talents get into a good college, is finally ready to loop back in on itself with a dramatic TV series about the famous people involved in the scandal. According to Variety, Annapurna’s TV branch has picked up the rights to Accepted, an upcoming book from Melissa Korn and Jennifer Levitz about all of this exciting drama, and The People V. OJ Simpson writer D.V. DeVincentis will be writing an adaptation of the book for television.

Now we need to figure out who will play scandal participants Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, both of which should be pretty juicy roles here. For Loughlin, we’d like to see Stephanie Bennett reprise her role from Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Full House Story, since it will lend some Marvel Cinematic Universe-style consistency to the saga of Lori Loughlin. IMDb says she’s best known for a role in Shadowhunters and as “Coed 1" in Big Eyes, but everybody needs a big break at some point. For Huffman, we’ve got an outside-the-box idea: What if she were played by Lori Loughlin? Who better to play someone involved in this scandal than someone who is actually involved in the scandal? It would obviously be silly for Huffman to play herself, so don’t even bother suggesting that.


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