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Who watches the Watchmen Chicago premiere? It could be you

Regina King
Photo: Mark Hill (HBO)

Tik tok indeed: the premiere of HBO’s Watchmen is now just days away, when at least some of our questions about Damon Lindelof’s adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ influential graphic novel will be answered. Questions like will any of the original vigilantes will show up? What is that raining all over the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma? And just how much ass will Sister Night (Oscar winner Regina King) kick?

Viewers will get some sense of where this Watchmen continuation—not sequel—is going when the series premieres on October 20, but The A.V. Club, in partnership with HBO, is giving fans in Chicago a chance to see the first two episodes on October 22. Yes, we realize that will be two days after the show premieres nationally, but not only will the few lucky attendees get to see the October 27 episode early, they’ll get to do so in the company of Watchmen’s Louis Gossett Jr.


The October 22 special screening will be held at the Arclight Cinema in Chicago. We have 10 passes available (each admits two) for this screening; to claim one pass, click here and fill out the RSVP form. Fine print: You must 21 or older to attend the screening, and you must RSVP by October 18. Tik tok.

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