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Who was this strange, wonderful man at the Russian intelligence hearing yesterday?

Like others who regularly indulge in FAKE NEWS, comedian Cory Snearowski was watching CNN’s coverage of the FBI inquiry on Russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election yesterday. While most viewers were focused on the hearing’s key players, Snearowski’s wandering eye happened upon another figure, the kind that, once seen, cannot be unseen.


Who is this strange man? Is that character actor Stephen Root in old-man makeup? Or a Russian spy playing the role of “old, confused, rich white man”? Are his glasses in the process of sliding off his nose, or are they defying gravity in much the same way that Adebesi’s hat did on Oz?

Eh, he’s probably a lawyer or something, but that still doesn’t explain the majestic intensity of his face. If the country is embroiled in a new Cold War, at least we’ve got the right cartoon, deep-state goblins to play the part.

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