We all know the Internet is a great place for bravely mocking other people anonymously, so please enjoy some fresh meat: John McCain's daughter has a blog! And … (drumroll) she sometimes writes about music! Woo boy, that sure is some tasty-looking chum in the water! Actually, Meghan McCain's tastes aren't all that mockable: she likes Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Dylan, etc. But Pitchfork was sure to single out the following pasasge about The Ramones' Reagan-bashing "Bonzo Goes To Bitburg": "Wow…I happen to like the song and figured it was a bit of an edgy choice considering the content…BUT those of you who know that, also probably know Johnny Ramone was a proud Republican and big fan of President Reagan who insisted the title of the song be changed to its refrain. So if you've been following along with us these last few months, you already know things aren't always what they seem on the Blogette…enjoy the song…love the irony… and keep watching… it's only bound to get more fun!"

You have no idea, my poor sweet Meghan. You. Have. No. Idea.