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The Simpsons

A megalomaniacal uber-wealthy sallow looking man made wealthy by their parents, loaded up with outdated ideas and sycophants, with deadly ambitious designs for greater power. Unfortunately, that description could sum up a lot of people in today’s society, but given what The A.V. Club is, let’s just assume we’re mainly talking about to two prominent buffoons: Montgomery Burns of The Simpsons or Donald Trump. But are the ideas of the two men really so far apart? A new website seeks to find out.

Trump Or Mr. Burns presents users with a quote from either person and has you vote on which entity actually said it. For example:


To be fair, the questions aren’t that hard for anyone with a passing interest in The Simpsons. Really, there’s more of an outright evil bent with a soupçon of whimsy dashed in for Mr. Burns versus Donald Trump’s brash brand of asshattery which just finds him saying shitty things you could overhear at the Thanksgiving table coming out of your least favorite drunken uncle. But it’s still fun knowing how often the sinister musings of a literal cartoon villain could easily fit in the mouth of a real life cartoon like Trump.

[via The Daily Dot]

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