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Who gives a shit about what these things even are

Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty

Perhaps you’ve seen videos making the rounds on Reddit, Twitter, and elsewhere of these little fucking things. You spin them? They’re for kids who have trouble concentrating, or something, but now all kids love them. It looks like a little triangular gear, and little kids throw them at each other or make them do tricks. Maybe it has something to do with the water bottle flipping thing?

It doesn’t fucking matter.

They’re pogs, right? These things do not matter. Maybe they’re fun—yo-yos are fun! You spin them. There are a lot of questions about them, that, to be honest, we are all better off not finding answers to.


Honestly, they might be connected to Lil’ Yachty, a rapper(?) who is popular with kids. He seems to be extremely contentious, which probably has something to do with his advocacy or distaste of these fidget spinners. That’s a shot in the dark.

It’s—maybe this is sarcastic?

Is the whole thing a joke? Does it fucking matter?


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